Podofix Toe Nail Brace

Podofix is a plastic brace for the treatment of painful ingrown toenails. It is adapted to the nail, glued on and then stretched. The resulting pull acts on the nail and pulls the nail edges slightly out of the nail fold. This relieves the pain.

Attaching a Podofix brace usually leads to significant relief in short time. The procedure only takes a few minutes. With the brace you can continue to do sports and go into the water in everyday life.

The Podofix brace is renewed every 4-8 weeks until the desired treatment success is achieved. Treatment is possible at any age.

Use of the Podofix brace

The Podofix brace consists of an elastic plastic pad that is glued onto the nail and an activation wire that tightens the brace after it has been affixed.

In the first step, the plastic pad is adapted to the patient’s individual nail shape. Then the brace is glued to the nail. The brace is activated by twisting the incorporated loop.

This slightly lifts the nail edges and reduces the painful pressure in the nail fold.

How does painful pressure arise in the nail fold?

Tight shoes or if the nails are cut down can cause painful pressure in the nail fold, which is the lateral boundary of the nail plate.

Most often the big toe is affected. The nail wall is swollen and reddened. On the photo you can see how strongly the nail is arched and ingrown.

Ingrown Toe Nail

Tips for cutting nails

Wear large-sized shoes that leave enough room for your toes.

The best way to trim your big toenails is with a file to the point that the toe and the free edge of the nail are level.

Trimming your big toenails with a file is a gentle method. It prevents nail corners from breaking off and a nail from growing in.