House & Hotel Calls

Instead of wasting time coming to a foot care office and waiting or having to inconvenience family or friends for help transporting you home-based foot care is the care you deserve without the hassle of travel. 

Seeing patients in the comfort of their home allows Dr. Schlappack to have enough time to treat his patients without feeling rushed. This allows for patients to get the best care and treatment for their foot care conditions.

In the comfort of your home or hotel proper foot care is provided that includes calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, trimming and smoothing of thick fungal toe-nails and diabetic footcare. The visiting foot doctor Schlappack has all of the necessary instruments and supplies with him to handle all foot care conditions.

A callus appears as an area of thickened hard skin on the foot that is generally associated with an area of increased pressure. This can also be seen on the back of a toe from rubbing on the shoes. Calluses are generally treated with sharp debridement of the area with the use of a surgical blade.

If a corn becomes painful medical treatments can provide immediate relief. If you have a very painful corn or you have discomfort when walking or if you have diabetes, fragile skin, or peripheral arterial disease, you should consult a foot care doctor since cutting away a corn should be done by a foot care doctor.

Your foot care doctor can pare down thickened skin and pry out a large corn with a corn removal chisel blade for instant relieve of intense foot pain.

Dr. Schlappack sees his patients in homes, apartments, hotels, workplaces and senior resident / assisted living facilities at the comfort of their own time.

The visiting foot care doctor has all of the necessary instruments and supplies to handle most foot care conditions such as calluses, corns, ingrown toenails and diabetic footcare.

However, while you may be able to care for your toenails yourself, you can also arrange a visit from Doctor Schlappack for trimming your toenails properly.

HOW DO I MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with Doctor Schlappack?

Just call +43 680 301 7720


Flat fee for regular visit for routine foot care: € 125

What is included in routine foot care?

Routine foot care includes the cutting or removal of corns and calluses and the trimming, cutting or clipping of toe-nails. Routine foot care may be required for individuals such as the elderly and diabetics who have difficulty caring for their feet due to conditions affecting their eyesight, manual dexterity, or inability to adequately reach the toes.

Certain common foot problems such as corns and calluses tend to recur. After treatment and removal, they often reappear if their causes have not been addressed. As a result, they may require repeated routine foot-care treatments to help keep them under control. 

Podiatrist-performed routine foot care includes a thorough foot inspection during which indications of a circulatory or diabetic foot problem are looked for. Nails are examined for thickening or discoloration so that a fungal growth can be treated in its early stages. The skin of the feet is checked for abrasions or cracks that may lead to infection.

Emergency foot care

If you have an issue with your foot that requires immediate medical attention Dr. Schlappack also provides emergency foot care for your acute condition.

Having taken care of a painful ingrown toenail if you work five days a week with long hours you may find it difficult to fit into your schedule to get to a podiatrist’s office for it to be taken care of in a timely fashion. 

Contact Dr. Schlappack, a 24/7 foot doctor who makes house and hotel calls and who can do it in the later hours when you are at home saving you from worrying about taking a sick day or missing work.

Accept cards and cash as payments for the services.