Emergency foot care service

You suddenly have severe pain from an ingrown toenail or corn that restricts your mobility. You have never had anything like this before and you have even been taking care of your feet regularly, except maybe due to lockdown for almost 3 months now?

As of December 12, 2021, the customer area of facilities for body-friendly services such as podiatry, foot care, may be entered again with 2G verification + FFP2 mask. For mobile foot care, i.e. for house and hotel calls, customers do not need 2G proof and the FFP2 mask requirement.

A corn, a tiny spot that hurts a lot.

You never thought that such a tiny spot could hurt so much? It’s better in the morning. A corn hurts more in the evening. A corn is a small area with incredibly massive pressure pain in the evening. A corn is squeezed when standing. When standing up, the pressure on the corn hurts.

There is rapid remedial action for painful foot care conditions available around the clock, 24/7, even on weekends, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, throughout Vienna, Austria, and the Vienna surrounding areas for painful corns and ingrown toenails.

Contact the viennese emergency foot care service on mobile phone at +43 680 301 77 20. All calls go straight to Dr. Schlappack, M.D. You can also call him if you have any questions and discuss your condition directly with him.

Dr. Schlappack makes it comfortable for you. He comes to your home or hotel room and treats you in your own familiar surroundings.

Medical foot care emergency service visits are also possible at your workplace, in senior citizens‘ homes and in assisted living facilities. Dr. Schlappack has all the necessary tools and aids with him to alleviate your painful foot care symptoms.

In addition to the convenience of acute in-house foot care treatment, Dr. Schlappack offers extensive specialist knowledge and many years of experience for the foot care visits arranged by telephone.

Dr. Schlappack is a passionate foot care doctor. He is known for his friendly manner and care. Dr. Schlappack regularly takes part in advanced training events. Therefore he is informed about the latest medical foot care treatments.

Concierge – Medicine, personal attention and direct access may be new to you, but the professional attitude and courtesy of Dr. Schlappack will dispel all your reservations.

Dr. Schlappack’s medical foot care service is affordable. He comes to you directly and looks after you personally. If you cannot walk in the evening, you may be longing for a medically trained foot care doctor with excellent knowledge who will arrive on time for the timely agreed appointment.

A short examination is followed by precise medical foot care treatment so that you can walk around painlessly again the next morning.