wine cellar door
Cellar Door Hiding Wine in Wooden Barrels.

A tour is a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited for a special purpose. In the case of a tour de vin it is the pleasure if tasting wine on a tour through scenic vineyards from one cellar to the other where mother hides the good wine in wooden barrels.

Viniculture has a long tradition in the Nigl family. For centuries they have made Riesling on the steep terraced location with natural stone walls of the Senftenberger Piri, Goldberg and Hochäcker wine vineyards. In 1995 a reading court from the 12th century of the Starhemberg winery was taken over by the Nigls continuing the 800-year-old winemaking tradition of the house. 

Below the Castle Ruin Senftenberg a historic building was restored and a hotel with 12 guest rooms and a small restaurant opened that is operated by staff Bertram Nigl after years abroad. The Nigls offer a perfectly balanced Riesling wine experience with food and accommodation in Senftenberg near Krems on the Danube.