Beef Soup

Spices for the Soup

The following spices are added to the beef soup: allspice, juniper, laurel, nutmeg and pepper. When the soup is ready nutmeg is rubbed in with a fine nutmeg grater.

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These are the Vegetables 

Carrots, yellow carrots, celeriac and parsley root.

Beef Bones

A broth is made by simmering the bones with some meat that has been briefely roasted.

Fresh Beef Broth 

Boiling dense broth with visible pieces of beef and vegetables.

Viennese Beef Soup

Oily texture thick feeling in the mouth. A soup of slow-simmered beef with vegetables and spices.

How to Eat?

Enjoying the flavour of a mouthful.

The restorative power of beef soup.