Beef Broth

Viennese Beef Soup

The preparation of real beef soup, as before, is very time consuming. It includes cleaning the vegetables, blanching the bones and preparing the stoving.

Beef soup iss freshly cooked every day and has been extremely popular since the Middle Ages. It dominated Viennese cuisine in the first place.

The Viennese have a passion for soup made from ox meat. Beef soup and boiled beef, the Viennese love it.

The beef soup was eaten at court on the noble table and at the table of the citizens.

At the beginning of the 19th century, various soup deposits were increasingly incorporated into Viennese cuisine.

For example semolina dumplings, baked peas, cream puffs, potato dumplings, meat dumplings, semolina dumplings and liver dumplings.

In old Vienna there were cooks who had hundreds of different soup deposits.

However, Soup has gradually lost ground in the Viennese kitchen. It´s decline began in the interwar period.

Effort and costs no longer seemed to be worth it. Soup packs and soup cubes became available.

However, soups have a beneficial, invigorating effect on us. Therefore, a soup bar was opened on the Nasch Market in Vienna recently where beef soup is cooked as it used to be, for hours and served as a drink. 

Nowadays, on one hand beef soup has largely lost its status as the start of a meal in Vienna, but on the other hand drinking beef bone broth is becoming popular.


The Secret of Success

The Viennese love their boiled beef.


A classic dish of the Viennese cuisine is Tafelspitz, a boiled peace of fillet from the front, thinly tapering tip of the tail piece that borders on the hip of a young ox.

Viennese boiled beef.

There are restaurants in Vienna in which the cooked beef, for example boiled fillet, is served with the soup in which it was cooked.

Tafelspitz, Emperor Franz Joseph´s favorite dish, is commonly served with a mix of minced apples and horseradish.


The most important way of processing beef in Vienna is boiling.