What is horseradish used for?

Horseradish is Kren

The horseradish’s original home is in Eastern and Southern Europe.

The german word Kren for horseradish comes from the Slavic word krenas, which means crying.

When tearing the horseradish, that’s how we also call horseradish rubbing, tears can easily come to you.

The root of the horseradish has been used as a spice in Viennese cuisine in a culinary liaison with beef.

Horseradish sauces, cooked warm, are served in Austrian cuisine primarily with boiled beef.

Bread roll horseradish is one of the classic side dishes for boiled beef, such as Tafelspitz.

To do this, debarked bread rolls are cut into very thin slices and poured with boiling beef soup, beaten to a pulp with a whisk and seasoned with a little sugar, white pepper, salt, nutmeg and lemon juice.

Stirred in a little fresh butter and finally added the cracked horseradish and cooked briefly.

horseradish on ham

Horseradish raw grated is often eaten on ham.